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Sublime Balkiss

The essence of Seduction
An Eau de Parfum composed by Céline Ellena, a modern Chypre - Floral.

"As a teenager, I discovered the glamorous movie stars of the 40s, incredibly elegant in their long silk dress that suggested a mysterious yet complex fragrance.

At the same age, I discovered Ireland and it was a true olfactory shock: the scent of rain, fresher and sweeter than the one that pours over Provence, the scent of the wind, mineral yet soft, and the delicate scent of heather, barely sweet. Last winter, I unveiled these sensations again and the topic took shape: a Chypre, a true story teller. It’s a surprising fragrance. The writing is modern and yet easy to understand, with just enough chapters to complete the story. And suddenly, the name aroused, Balkiss, the real name of the Queen of Sheba, a most beautiful, wise and mysterious woman who, centuries later, is still mesmerizing.

Sublime and we are bewitched. Balkiss and eternal, perfect beauty.
" Céline Ellena
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