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Sel de Vétiver

A spectacular encounter between Vetiver and Sea Salt

A woody - aromatic Eau de Parfum by Céline Ellena.

I decided to create Sel de Vétiver to share those rare moments when the blending of the senses enables one to create wild and mysterious scents, to capture them and to make them alive and long-lasting, in a warm and delicate, dense and subtle composition. I remember once on a rainy day, gently rubbing the roots of Vétiver with my fingers letting a warm and nearly burning scent escape, while the rain-drops where slowly evaporating. This gave me the idea to create a salty and sweet harmonious scent, sensual and fresh, the scent of the skin’s softness after one has bathed in the sea, when the salt particles have remained, and that the cool water has evaporated with the heath of the sun.” Céline Ellena

"Both solar and invigorating, Sel de Vétiver tells the daring union of burning wood and refreshing seawater. Three notes of Vetiver wonderfully accord together to reveal their smoke scents, vegetal and dry. A rain of salty kisses warmed up by the sun that keeps upon the skin the sensual trace in its bitter sweetness..." B-ALL, October 2015

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