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Rose Poivrée

The Elixir fragrance
A spicy – floral Eau de Parfum composed by Jean-Claude Ellena.
Away from the simple evocation of Rose, this is an unexpected vision with diabolical facets. He offers us a vision of this rather unexpected flower, both powerful and fresh. The essence of Rose, so delicate, like a perfume of angel and azure, is also of a diabolical pleasure.

It is said to have been used first in the year 1021 of Hegira, by the mother of a Mughal princess. One day she noticed that distilled Rose petals left traces of oil floating on the water’s surface. She gathered this oil to present it to Emperor Djihângury.

The sillage of Rose Poivrée spawns feelings of mischievous angels playing in heavenly blue skies…
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