Our commitments & Services

You, our customer 
Because we are aware of your commitment to our House and our fragrances, 
Because we are grateful for your loyalty
Because your satisfaction is our priority, 
We, The Different Company, pledge to:
- Deliver your orders as soon as possible and in the best possible conditions
- Offer you an empty 10ml travel format bottle for the purchase of a 100ml bottle. Your favorite fragrance will follow you wherever you go and you will never be separated from it! 
- Offer you a unique fragrance in 10ml format for every 200 purchase to compliment your future gifts ! (fragrance of our choice within available stock, if you want a specific fragrance, please tell us in the comment when validating your order).
- Offer you one sample for any order placed on our website (except Sample Boxes).
Secure the payment of your purchases: you can pay by Credit Card or by PayPal. We use the "3D Secure" authentication system, which increases the security of your transactions by confirming that you are the owner of the credit card. This system helps to fight against piracy and reduce fraud.
- Answer all you requests via our email address: info@thedc.fr, or on our social network 
An exceptional creative context 
At The Different Company, we pledge to offer “Made in France” olfactory creations, worthy of the finest French Perfumery, through this sense of exception that we cultivate. No matter the costs, no matter the codes, explore new territories, best raw materials, and unique sillages: this is our creative process. We are constantly on the quest for perfection, quest for refinement, for the purity of sillages and lines, the pleasure of seeing, touching, smelling… 
We solicit perfumer creators of talent and with international fame, and offer them a rare creative freedom. The raw materials have never been worked in so pure way, and in proportions allowing them to express all their richness. We had to pace the Atlas to find Cedar, pick the stems of the Geranium from this island of Bourbon, collect the natural Bergamot from Calabria of Sicily, collect the Patchouli from the heart of Indonesia, or pick up the Rose of Damascus between May and July… 
We, The Different Company, pledge to offer you complex and sophisticated fragrances, sillages of unclassifiable elegance, and this, as a brand that cultivates its difference. 
The environment 
The Different Company is an “eco-conscious” brand since its creation in 2000. Protecting our planet and promoting an eco-responsible approach is one of our values transposed in our products. Our 90ml and 100ml bottles are refillable and recyclable, as well as all its components: glass bottle, metal hood, aluminium refill bottle…
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