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Oud For Love, Limited and Engraved Edition 100ml / 3.3 Fl. Oz Refillable Bottle
Engraved and Numbered OudsOud For Love, Limited and Engraved Edition 100ml / 3.3 Fl. Oz Refillable Bottle
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250.00 EUR 
An Oriental - Floral by Bertrand Duchaufour 
An engraved and numbered bottle in (very) limited edition: the quintessence of luxury.
Purchase an Oud For Love 100ml bottle in limited edition, and become the proud owner of one of our unique bottles, engraved and numbered (from 1 to 70). Your exceptional fragrance will be packaged in our Parisian workshop by our expert preparator, with care and delicacy. You will discover a certificate of authenticity, attesting that you are the owner of the exclusive bottle bearing the number you have chosen.

This precious bottle with burned glass has been designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, a designer of luxury goods of international renown, and is sublimated with a 3-level solid chromed metal cap. This art object is presented in its elegant white box, embellished with a hot stamping, with its black velvet pouch and silver funnel.

Choose your number quickly and enjoy a complete olfactory pleasure, from the sillage to the bottle, from precious raw materials to exquisite finishes.

Make this pleasure last by refilling this unique object thanks to our refill bottles, reserved exclusively for the privileged buyers of engraved bottles!
Seductive, Bewitching, Resinous 
Extrait de Parfum

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Oud For Love, 100ml Bottle
250.00 EUR
Oud For Love, 100ml / 3.3 Fl. Oz Refillable Bottle

An Oriental - Floral fragrance by Bertrand Duchaufour 
A tribute to Love 
With its absolute lyricism, Oud For Love embodies the burning passion, the ardent seduction. Sensual, enchanting, it transcends the senses and sublimates desire. This perfume is one of the most beautiful tribute to Love, enveloping with its deep, intense and warm sillage, those who choose to dedicate themselves to it. Woody (Vetiver), leathery, musky and mellow (Sandal, White Wood), Oud For Love explores the most animal side of the Absolute of Oud and invokes the love filters of Arabia. 
Oud is one of the richest elements nature ever produced, resulting from a fortunate encounter between a mushroom and a rare wood essence: it is extracted from a precious and extremely rare resin (Agarwood) which comes from a not very widespread type of tree, the Aquilaria. For an optimum quality, the tree must be at least 15 years old before it can be distilled and before its essence can be collected drop by drop. 
Seductive, Bewitching, Resinous 
Extrait de Parfum

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