The Osmanthus Fragrance, qualified as « the best of all fragrances » is a tree of China even if sometimes one may encounter its presence in a garden on the French Riviera.

This tree is sensitive to cold weather, its sparse seed only germinates after two years of gestation. The most odorous breeds of Osmanthus are also the most fragile.

The Osmanthus flowers bloom in Autumn.Its refined fragrance travels far, touching the heart of the Chinese with a soft sense of nostalgia. Jean-Claude Ellena designed Osmanthus to keep the memory of an emotion that struck him during a visit to the Forbidden city in China. The poetry of this unconventional and extraordinary moment was the unwavering bond that presided over this creation, bestowing upon us the delicately of this distant place. This is the finest fragrance and subtle of The Different Company's fragrances.

This exquisite scent freshly unfolds to reveal a symphony of green sweet notes reminiscent of apple and apricot.
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