A delicate and completely irresistible musky-floral
A Floral Eau de Toilette by Jean-Claude Ellena.

Its rarity makes Osmanthus very little used, usually at a low dose, which has deprived us so far of its olfactory beauty. Originally from China, this unique flower has travelled in traditional porcelain pots in the form of concrete.

Osmanthus Fragrans, described as "scent of perfumes", is a Chinese tree, although it is sometimes discovered at the turn of a garden on the French Riviera. The tree is sensitive to cold, its seed is rare and germinates only after two years. The most odoriferous varieties are also the most fragile. The flowers bloom in autumn, their delicate smell carries far, penetrating the heart of the Chinese with a tender feeling of nostalgia.

Jean-Claude Ellena composed Osmanthus to keep the memory of an emotion that struck him during a visit to the Forbidden City in China. The poetry of this unconventional and extraordinary moment was the unwavering bond that presided over this creation, bestowing upon us the delicately of this distant place.
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