A vision associating the modernity to the eternity of the Arabian Nights…

Glamorous in a bottle…

Oriental Fragrances distinguish themselves by their greedy ingredients, warm and voluptuous; a true ode to sensuality.  Flirting with our senses: the Patchouli, harvested in the heart of Indonesia; the Tonka Bean; the Benzoin Balm of Siam, coming from the Styrax trunk; the Ambergris or the Golden Amber smooth sillage; the Myrrh, used in Middle East two thousand years ago for its soothing virtues, or even the most qualitative Absolute of Oud, selected carefully during a trip to Laos. For provocative or troubling sillages, sometimes reminding the sensuality of Orient silks, the spirituality of the Far East or the Arabian love potions…

Perfumes that have to be worn at night, to reveal all their charms.  
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