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Une Nuit Magnétique - All night long

A magnetic attraction
A Floral - Amber Eau de Parfum composed by Christine Nagel.
I have created this perfume as a magnet that physically attracts. The materials I have chosen create contrast and affinity, in an olfactory magnetic field with Amber wood at the core. Benzoin, Patchouli and Musk are melted in Amber and attract heart flowers while Prune holds them back in its sweetness. Ginger, Blueberry and Bergamot fuse and gravitate, tinting the scent of fresh, spicy and fruity facets.”  Christine Nagel. 
He probably will never see her again. Yet that night, she appeared to him like an angel would. A dream? The remembrance of the laughs along the Seine, the warmth of the late spring, the rustling trees and the wind gently rushing into her flowing dress. A dress of a captivating sillage, a magnetic night...

“This was one of very few fragrances that provided such spontaneous joy that I resprayed smelling strips 3 times …

Perfumery at this level achieves a unique effect. Every other composer of modern floral orientals must be crying into their beer.

Christine Nagel rearranged the words making up the witless patter of current perfumery into poetry. Genius”
Luca Turin in Perfume The Guide 2018

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