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Jasmin de Nuit

A completely irresistible and sensuous Amber-Jasmin

An Oriental - Floral Eau de Parfum by Céline Ellena.

"This is the scent of my childhood gardens, the Jasmine of my father. I remember summer days, when the night extended, soothing and the dozing earth gently breathed the fragrances of flowers, wood and plants, sensual and intimate. The evening breeze brought us great hot whiffs of fruity and musky Jasmine, with creepers storming the dry stone walls supporting the boards, these strips of soil espalier founded in Grasse (French Capital of perfumes). This is probably why I associated this flower to greed and carnal exhalations of the earth.” Céline Ellena

Jasmine is like a firefly, an ephemeral flower that lights up the night with its fragrance, which softly goes off and disappears at the beginning of the day. It is a white and fragile flower, a little shining star of perfume in the gardens’ shade with dormant fountains. It has the delicacy of Botticelli women and the power of heated leather notes under the sun.

Céline Ellena decided to use a great concentration of Egyptian Jasmine and Star Anise to create Jasmin de Nuit; associated to the delicate sillage of Golden Amber.
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