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Into The White

« I am an escape in a forgotten garden, a magic and mysterious place,
where white flowers gently go along with subtle and sweet fruits.
When the night falls, an olfactory waltz takes place in my heart,
when the white and sensual flowers dance and confound themselves, the delicate Neroli meets the mysterious Tuberose.


I am a floral dance of freshness and sweetness that lighten the fervour, thanks to the blooming Lime Flower,
the Petitgrain Bitter Orange Petit and the little Plum. A contrast of a fascinating and bewitching purity.


I am perfumed mist, which envelops you with white notes,
I am a journey in a world of dreams. Mysterious and intoxicating, surprising and magnetic.
I am Into The White. »

A Floral Eau de Toiletteby Céline Ellena for The Different Company. 

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