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Floral Awakenings

Floral Awakenings
Morning dew...

As the night gradually dies, a fresh wind sprinkles the scented fields with a fine and delicate morning dew. The stars have disappeared and the moon is more discreet but their splendor reigns in this moment of weightlessness, as if it were suspended in space-time. The flowers themselves, nostalgic for the magic of the night before, give the upcoming day their most moving fragrance. In this selection of floral fragrances, roses, peonies, lilac, jasmine and many other flowers capture these poetic and silent moments where nature prevails.
  • Sublime Balkiss is a unique floral fragrance. Rose, Lily of the valley, Violet Leaves and Lilac spin together with Patchouli and Cacao Powder to bring this fascinating and impudent Chypre to life. The morning dew pervaded by the flowers' touch give this flying and evasive perfume, a sillage with green and ozonic notes.
  • Embodiment of this timeless moment where the night turns into day, Kâshân Rose skillfully reflects the apparent simplicity of its eponym flower. Wrapped in Litchi, Spices and Musk, the Rose merges itself with the surrounding flowers to release a cool, refined and bucolic sillage. A tribute to the subtle balance between night and day.
  • Osmanthus is a white flower that spreads a cool sillage filled with a troubling delicateness. Like a silent morning in the Chinese countryside, Osmanthus, bathing in floral gentleness, tell us in a whisper about its Bergamote, Mandarin and Musk notes and makes sure not to disturb Nature.
  • After a radiant night, the starry Jasmine petals fall like cherry blossoms in Tokyo Bloom, a luminous fragrance. Full of subtlety and peace, the aerial blow from the Dandelion and the Basilic Leaves are meddling with the White Musk and Gaiac Wood replicating the gentleness of Japanese gardens.
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