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Our Exclusivities

Designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, this bottle epitomizes our vision of luxury ; simple yet unique, large yet elegant, refillable, it can be engraved to your desire or have a specific leather case.

It is presented in a gorgeous lacquered wood box, painted by hand.

All steps of production is done in France in our tannery in South of France and in our studio in Paris. The entire process takes up to four months with no less than forty different steps.

First, mineral tanning is made in fuller (a large washing machine). This step allows to freeze the life of the skin and makes it lasting and more flexible.

Finishing is usually done with a smooth agate revealing the appearance and the brilliance of leather and also a subtle two-tone. Then the leather is immersed in a bath to be stained. This step offers a very soft inimitable and natural touch.

The finalised and beautiful leather is prepared, cut and put up by expert craftsmen in our Parisian studio. This application is very complex and necessitates specialised expertise and savoir-faire. A case requires manual cutting, unit by unit so as to make at best the geometry of scales. The leather is lined with tinted goat and chagrined by hand. A craftsman spends several hours to cover by hand a perfume bottle.

NB:  we don’t use pork in our tannery and studio. Our bespoke cases can be made out of different types of skins: Lezard, Crocodile or Ostrich