Perfume Diagnosis

Looking for your new signature fragrance ?
You do not know the vocabulary of perfumers?
We help you make the right choice among our 27 fragrances.

So start with one of the 3 choices on this page, we will guide you.

Have a nice olfactory journey !

Thanks to Olfactory Families, fragrances can be classified; citrus, aromatic, amber-scented, floral, woody, oriental, chypres, leather, mineral or spicy. If you know your favorite olfactory families, follow this guide…

Perfume Characteristics can vary according to their concentration, composition or our own perception. A fragrance can be fresh, powerful, present, light or intense. If these words speak to you, follow this guide…

Every day is different, every shared moment is unique. Each fragrance must be adapted according to the mood, the occasion or the season. If you know when you want to wear your perfume, follow this guide…
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