Most of the time, the design of a perfume bottle stays in our memory as much as the scent of the perfume itself. Sometimes it is a simple containing, sometimes it is a real work of art, it reflects the beauty of the perfume which is contained in it. This idea is at the heart of our House’s DNA, whose unique design is signed by Thierry de Baschmakoff. 

For our Haute Parfumerie House, Thierry has imagined a bottle with an unscrewable pump to allow you to refill this luxury item which should not be thrown, a glass bottle with a fire-polished surface for more smoothness, of high quality, with a real platinum screen-printing. Exclusively for The Different Company, he designed a unique cap with a recognizable structure, a solid 3-level solid chromed metal cap, the signature of our brand.

Thierry de Baschmakoff also developed travel accessories for our brand that allow any perfume lover to take his favorite fragrance with him for his urban trip or more distant journeys. With this in mind, Thierry drew the aluminum bottle, a real emblem of our brand, a nomadic item in which you can insert a 10ml travel spray by unscrewing the base. Light and modern, it will be perfectly adapted to your way of life, a lifestyle accessory, usable in all situations. With the same nomadic spirit, this aluminum bottle can fit into our leather case, along with two other 10ml travel sprays

This art of synergy, this attention to detail and refinement, are an integral part of the approach that Thierry required since the creation of our House. Thus, the goal is to find the meaning of the exception, the expression of the most perfected luxury, attaching as much importance to fragrances as containers. For more information about Thierry de Baschmakoff's inspiration, see our section The Creative Team.

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