Fragrances with modern compositions…

Classical tradition in the best practices, we rework the Chypre in a more personal way, with a modern writing but still evoking the familiar memories of early Chypres.

The Chypre Family was named after a mythic accord, created in 1917 with the perfume Chypre by François Coty. Accord builds around the Bergamot, evoking the Sicilian Sun; Jasmine ephemeral flower that lights up the night and fade away at the beginning of the daylight; Rose, sublime and elegant flower; Oak Moss, today rebuilt thanks to Patchouli accords and Labdanum (Cistus leaves resin). Our Chypres proof that classical olfactory compositions can become modern and original because never composed with so much veracity. 

Enchanting and magnetic sillages; both traditional and contemporaries. 
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