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Bois d'Iris

The scent of Bois d’Iris can be traced back to the rugged hills of Tuscany.

The Iris Pallida, the most aromatic of its kind, grows exclusively on this site of arid rocks and mild soil. Unlike the Osmanthus flower whose epidermis cells secrete the essential oil, the iris conceals its olfactory wonders within its roots; this concealment is so skilful that several years of complex processing are required to capture its secrets: planting, frequent hoeing by hand, to avoid damaging the rhizomes (roots), harvesting (three years later), selecting and husking, washing, followed by one month of drying under the sun on lattice trays, and five years of dehydrating in bags; the grinding and milling in the factory.

The powder that results from these six years of preparation is macerated in cold water. Finally, a steam distillation gives birth to the essence of Iris, also called butter, granted that the chemist follows the stringent requirement of moderate heating.

Once distilled, this creamy substance turns into a treasure, a priceless marvel: the absolute.

"The bergamot melds perfectly with geranium in the heart, but this fragrance is aptly named; iris and cedar are there from the very beginning. Both notes are dry and crisp. The iris is dry without being powdery, and the dryness of the cedar keeps it from getting too sharp.[...]Wearing Bois d’ Iris is like wrapping yourself in a beautiful silk scarf that’s been kept in a cedar-lined drawer. Memories and a trace of perfume linger on the scarf, and you smile softly, knowing that more memories are soon to be made." CAFLEUREBON, March 2016

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