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New : AlSahra

Desert, desire, shadows and silence.

An Oriental - Mineral Eau de Parfum by Émilie Coppermann

« They were the men and women of sand, wind, light, and the night.
They appeared, dreamlike, at the top of a dune, as if they had been born from the cloudless sky.
J.M.G. Le Clézio - Desert

The trail stretched far into the distance ahead of me. I turned around and the desert extended as far as the eye could see.
On the horizon, vast modern shards of glass and steel soared high in a crystalline blue sky, reaching upwards in search of their own end.
Passing by, the timeless men of sand and spices with their sheets and their heavily laden jars of dates,
tracing the route of the Azalai, the ancient salt caravan that connects East to West, essential source of sustenance.
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