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Adjatay, cuir narcotique

An exotic and wild breath
A leather Eau de Parfum by Alexandra Monet

A devilish sensuality, a forbidden sweet you devour out of greed that glows in the shadows of a powerful Djinn, Adjatay, the prince of perfumed chills. « I brought this tuberose flower back from Grasse and forgot her in an unpretentious black leather bag. She refused to give in and for days her stubborn warmth strived to bring the leathery silky animal notes of my worn out bag back to life. » Luc Gabriel.

Alexandra grabbed the idea and turned the white beast into a wild yet elegant, tender yet loud perfume, hypnotic, untamable. A  dangerous ritual engulfed by narcotic waves.

« It is amazing how The Different Company, under the guidance of its owners Luc and Sophie Gabriel, always finds a way to surprise us with something really new. This time they decided to create an innovative leather perfume which differs from other leather perfumes on the market.On my wrist Adjatay sings amorous serenades under the balconies. And the more it sings the more clearly the sweet enticing songs recall poisoned tuberose arrows of Cupid. » Sergey Borisov,  Fragrantica.com
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