• Disinfectant, moisturizer and fragrance

    Equipped with micro-encapsulation technology, our new Sublime Balkiss Moisturizing Hydroalcoholic Gel nourishes your skin and perfumes your day.
  • An infinite pleasure

    Give your 100ml bottles a boost!

    Extend the pleasure of your fragrances with refills. Unscrew the pump, pour the fragrance through the funnel and your bottle is revived! 
  • The treasures of Madagascar

    Made of an outrageous Vanilla, smelling me is highly addictive. I am a gourmand and refreshing madness, an olfactory paradox, a Gourmand Eau de Parfum by Émilie Coppermann. 

Juste Chic collection

The quintessence of the niche perfumery. Fragrances created by alchimist perfumers like Christine Nagel or Bertrand Duchaufour.
Rich and poetic olfactory compositions, which create unique emotions.

The Esprit Cologne

A new interpretation of Colognes by Emilie Coppermann, complex fragrances hidden behind an immediate and easy access.

A contemporary vision of luxury

We want each of our fragrance, inspired by our feelings, our encounters and travels,
to touch the delicate fragility of happiness. More than perfumes, they are emotions, which come in different forms, traditional and innovative.

When perfume meets silk

Our Maison of fragrances works together with the Atelier Boivin to create a unique olfactory accessory which combines the different universes and expertise of two creative and independant French Maisons: the Perfumed Ribbons.
A new way to wear perfume, to mix it, to accessorize it.
Create your own perfumed style!

Oud love philter

Bertrand Duchaufour went to Laos to meet the best farmers of this precious wood. He has sublimated each facet and has revealed its complexity to create a fragrance that reminds us the love philters of Arabia.

Our home fragrances

An elegant design for a contemporary lifestyle. Prolong the experience thanks to our perfume diffusers.