Oud Shamash

A spiritual journey to the heart of the Far East.

Oud Shamash sets off on the spicy accord of Pink Pepper, Saffron and Cinnamon before exploring the deepest and most mysterious resinous facet of Absolute of Oud.  
A luminous alchemy intensified by the sensual warmth of Amber notes and Patchouli.

The Oudh is one of the richest olfactory ingredient ever produced by nature. It is the outcome of a bacteria and  rare type of tree, the Aquilaria. This tree is grown in South East Asia and produces the Agar, a resine from which the actual Oudh is extracted. The finest essence are made out of 15-year-old trees.
This Oudh has been selected by Bertrand Duchaufour himself in a sustainable Oudh production.

Rum CO2 from Jamaica
Cinnamon of Ceylan
Pink Peppercorn (4%)
Davana essence
Damascus Rose from Turkey
Nagarmotha (4%)
Saint Thomas Berries
Oudh from Laos
Patchouli (9%)
Ciste absolute
Grey Amber
Woody and dry Notes
Leather Notes
White Musk
Vanilla of Bourbon
Resinoid Tolu

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