At THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, we know that the perfume of the earth is demanding and rare, that  capturing it will require time, respect and sensitivity, knowledge and passion.

At THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, we like that this time cannot be compressed, that it challenges us to wait for it, that it  engages us to master it, that it invites us to live it, year after year, second after second. We had to pace the Atlas to find its Cedar, pick the stems of the Geranium from the Island of Bourbon, collect the natural  Bergamot from Calabria or Sicily, collect the Patchouli from the heart of Indonesia, or pick up the Rose of Damascus between May and July...

 At THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, we look again and again for the soils and the lands that can give the best of the barks, the roots, the petals. We know that the nature cleverly shaped by the elements, will not offer the same notes from one humus to another, from a rainy season to a summer sky...It was necessary to defy the Shamans of Ecuador so that they left to other souls the Palo Santo, the sacred and protected wood of the Incas ... It took traditional porcelain pots to transport the concrete of the flowers of Osmanthus from China...

At THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, we believe that any ingredients have a soul and that its story vibrates like a subtle imprint. We had to bet  that caloupile leaves release an intoxicating wave gracefully, and it will  be sometimes necessary to work and rework formulas up to a hundred times. To aim our goal of olfactory perfection, we have to dedicate time, boldness and trust to give give free rein to our creative energy.

At THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, freedom is without constraint and the work generous. If our Master Perfumers perform the classical tradition accordingly to the rules of art, they sometimes interrupt their work and introspect to better grasp their experiences.

At THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, perfume is created as a piece of art. It is unique and free, capricious and delicate, with no harshness. For a single bottle, it needs seven hundred thousand Egyptian Jasmine flowers or fifty kilograms of Rose petals... From cold water to perfume oil, from maceration to distillation, thousands of moments will be needed so that at the end of a long, meticulous and unstable journey, the imminence of the perfume appears, so strong yet  so frail.

For at THE DIFFERENT COMPANY, we are architects of elation, designers of vertigo, and founders of infinity: we want our perfumes to touch the delicate fragility of happiness. We seek the immortal essence that will sublimate nature and touch the Edge of its breath.We want our perfumes to be born from the source and last throughout eternity.

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