The Team

Alexandra MONET

Enthusiastic and spontaneous, Alexandra has a sensitivity that allows her to put in perfume her emotions. She enjoys the gourmet styles and the vibrant notes. Her favorite material is definitively Patchouli, she considers as a vibrant and magical essence. Besides, she created scented candles for the Plaza Athénée Hotel in Paris and for Arty fragrance…

For The Different Company, in 2015, she created Le 15,our 15th Anniversary fragrance. An exclusive fragrance and in 2016, Adjatay cuir narcotique. She collaborated first in 2013 on the creation of 4 candles: Songe, Apesanteur, Nuit Blanche (Collection des Rêves) and Wood (The Modern House).

Alexandra Monet
Christine NAGEL Christine NAGEL

"It's a unique experience to be able to create for The Different Company.
The freedom of creation is a great proof of confidence on the part of this House and at the same time a real challenge" Christine NAGEL, 2014.

Christine is a charming mix of science, Swiss precision and Italian generosity. She studied chemistry and began working in teh chromatography department of a research laboratory. She then became a great perfumer driven by the love of beautiful natural and synthetical raw materials, and the never ending desire to discover new ingredients and new sillages.

Optimistic and enthusiastic, Christine is guided by her emotions and inspired by people. The creation of perfumes is for her the best way to express oneself. She likes to take a raw material and to tame it. To modify the state of matter and divert it to a new unexpected form. She has won numerous awards for her olfactory creations over the years.

"Perfumery respects the tradition and stays on the two essential elements of the container: a bottle and a cap, that's all. Pure design”  Thierry de Baschmakoff

Following an initial training as an engineer, Thierry De Baschmakoff becomes interested in the world of fragrance and decides to develop his skills as bottle designer. He then becomes recognized as one of the best designer in this field, thanks to his talent and rigorous approach to design. He then naturally develops his own agency Aesthete which explores tomorrow’s luxury. He has created hundreds of luxury items for iconic Houses like Burberry, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Lanvin, Versace, Caron and many more. Beyond fragrances and cosmetics, Thierry has designed many objects as art director for Lalique and Asprey (leather goods, watches, writing instruments, ...).

As the co founder of The Different Company he has conceived our exclusive bottles as well as all our objects including the design of the candles, always looking for a contemporary different syle.

 Céline ELLENA Céline ELLENA

« I compose my fragrances with the objective to create the best scent I can,
without any constraint on cost or marketing”

Céline Ellena orn in Grasse in 1968, a city that epitomizes fine fragrances, Céline is a daughter and granddaughter of perfumers (Jean-Claude Ellena is her father), with an Irish mother. Her universe mixes shining and mighty fragrances of South of France with sweet and sour scents of Irish grass.
Celine has been trained at ISIPCA and creates fine fragrances since then. Her experience combined with her family environment makes her one of the best creative talent of her generation.

She gets her inspiration from her memories and her travels, her encounters with people around the world.
The shape of an object, the colour of a landscape, the shadows of a picture, nurture her for her creations. She then imagines the perfume like a seducing and surprising, one that also recalls memories…..

Because of her love for flowers, Émilie has discovered her passion for fragrance when she was 14 years old. She realized she wanted to live in a harmonious and beautiful scented universe, therefore studied organic chemistry and attended the International Institute of Perfumes, Cosmetics & Aromas in Versailles.

She has been trained by the most famous perfume composers, including Jean-Claude Ellena and Bertrand Duchaufour.

Her talent for perfumery lies in her playful, unconventional nature, her sense of exploration and her bold, fearless approach to experiment something new, like twisting masculine codes with feminine codes with her fragrances.

Émilie relies on her feminine intuition, the power of her dreams, her determination and sense of realism to inspire her fragrances. She also has a passion for India and black and white photography.


For Bertrand Duchaufour, building is about deconstructing, distorting the olfactory principles by playing on their very nature. Before becoming independent, he was a perfumer for prestigious brands (Dior, Lalique, Acqua di Parma…) for a long time.

He creates the fragrance as a work of art, an unstable olfactory equilibrium, reflection of contemporary and timeless emotions. In 2011, he joined The Different Company to write a new olfactory chapter.
For The Different Company, Bertrand Duchaufour explored the Oud in its entirety. If it is of great quality, the Agarwood will reveal all its secrets and offer many facets.

The wood, once burned, reveals more resinous aspects, on the verge of the narcotic.
Amber notes are flirting the softness of slightly sweet and absolutely sensual woody notes.

"The two ouds I have just created for The Different Company offer a beautiful representation of my interest in this rare and sublime material: a love that will last until the end."

Jean Claude ELLENA

"These perfumes that I create for The Different Company have all a unique olfactory touch.
They represent today the quest for fragrance perfection."
Jean-Claude Ellena, 2000.

Born in Grasse and son of a perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena is very soon working for the perfume industry. He starts working at Chiris at 16 years old, then contiues his studies at Givaudan in Geneva. He creates his first fragrances for well known lucury houses (Van Cleef and Arpels, Bulgari, Cartier, Hermes, Cartier, etc..) who will rapidly become great succes.

Co-founder and first fragrance composer to be part of the great adventure of The Different Company, he has decided to use natural raw material seldom present in fragrances and creates his difference, our difference.

For Jean-Claude Ellena, fragrance formulas can be worked over and over for more than "100 times sometimes. Too much of this, not enough of that" the history of the fragrance  you create can be always redesigned. Jean-Claude Ellena proposes olfactory objects that are rich with imaginary references but always pure, to the point, in a willingness to evoke reality rather than talk about it....

 Jean claude Ellena

Luc’s first contact with the world of fragrances goes back to its childhood.
His mother owned a perfumery in France and trained him in the secret world of beautiful scents.

Citizen of the world, Luc was born in Paris, with direct ancestors who made history in Northern Europe and France and others in Haiti and Syria. With a classic academic training (Sciences Po Paris and HEC Paris, Masters in Finance, Economics and Law at La Sorbonne) and a more artistic one (the art of Ikebana in Moribana style, fragrance creation, piano) Luc then worked as a banker, consultant in strategy for
McKinsey & Cy and managed various internet and service companies.

When he met Thierry de Baschmakoff he decided to embark on The Different Company’s amazing adventure. Since then he owns and manages the brand and is very much involved in the creation of fragrances.

The company is now present in more than 40 countries with three cult perfume collections, and a unique luxury life style concept that includes Travel Sets, Home Fragrances, Bespoke objects.

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