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"As a teenager, I discovered the glamorous movie stars of the 40s, incredibly elegant in their long silk dress that suggested a mysterious yet complex fragrance.

At the same age, I discovered Ireland and it was a true olfactory shock: the scent of rain, fresher and sweeter then the one that pours over Provence, the scent of the wind, mineral yet soft, and the delicate scent of heather, barely sweet. Last winter, I unveiled these sensations again and the topic took shape: a Chypre, a true story teller. It’s a surprising fragrance. The writing is modern and yet easy to understand, with just enough chapters to complete the story. And suddenly, the name aroused, Balkiss, the real name of the Queen of Sheba, a most beautiful, wise and mysterious woman who, centuries later, is still mesmerizing.

Sublime and we are bewitching. Balkiss and eternal, perfect beauty."
- Céline Ellena
A fragrance with a tart freshness – Coriander Leaf and Bergamot reveal bitter, green cold facets creating a perfect alchemy transcended by the pulsating strength of Cedar Wood.

An ode to the virginal purity and seductively voluptuous pleasure of Nature.

A luminous floral composition, in which the translucent, striking freshness of Neroli blends with sensual, obscure Tuberose, on a Musky, Citrus base.


The most emblematic flower plays the diva, adorning its delicate freshness with the magnetic power of spice to create a whirl of unsettling, hypnotic sensuality like a magic potion.
A unique, rare composition. A new interpretation of the Rose.
“I have created this perfume as a magnet that physically attracts. The materials I have chosen create contrast and affinity, in an olfactory magnetic field with Amber wood at the core.
Benzoin, Patchouli and Musk are melted in Amber and attract heart flowers while Prune holds them back in its sweetness. Ginger, Blueberry and Bergamot fuse and gravitate, tinting the scent of fresh, spicy and fruity facets.”

Christine NAGEL

He probably will never see her again. Yet that night, she appeared to him like an angel would. A dream? The remembrance of the laughs along the Seine, the warmth of the late spring, the rustling trees and the wind gently rushing into her flowing dress. A dress of a captivating sillage, a magnetic night...

"Incense and Myrrh facets on a sacred wood structure, the Palo Santo, a mystical composition that captivates just like the shaman's poem, an ode to the Eternal rooted in a sensual and powerful scent." Luc GABRIEL

"Nutmeg and Calabre Bergamot in order to bring its freshness and contrast. The precious Musk welcomes the woody composition of the note for more comfort and sensuality." Alexandra MONET
A devilish sensuality, a forbidden (un)sweet you devour out of greed that glows in the shadows of a powerful Djinn, Adjatay, the prince of perfumed chills. I brought this tuberose flower back from Grasse and forgot her in an unpretentious black leather bag. She refused to give in and for days her stubborn warmth strived to bring the leathery silky animal notes of my worn out bag back to life. Alexandra grabbed the idea and turned the white beast into a wild yet elegant, tender yet loud perfume, hypnotic, untamable. A  dangerous ritual engulfed by narcotic waves.

Jean-Claude Ellena has once again sublimated the main material, giving it a divine evocation.

Bergamot is a lasting pleasure: starting with materials whose aromas most often evoke the lighter Eau de Toilette, he wanted to compose a marvelous and timeless sillage.
Bergamot is mixed with Ginger, which delivers a spicy and luscious note. Orange blossom is added to delicately underline the floral note of this Citrus, the green leaf enhances the freshness, while the Rhubarb wood and Musk prolong the pleasure .

With Bergamot, The Different Company proves that an olfactory creation with a very classic theme can become contemporary and original when composed with such virtuosity.

A poetic composition celebrating the fragile beauty of this small Chinese flower. Bergamot and Mandarin bathe the fragrance in delicious freshness on an infinitely warm bed of Musky Rose. 

A fresh, velvety composition in which Marjoram encounters voluptuous Arabian Jasmine in a whirlwind of piquant freshness. An elixir enhanced by the elegance of Sage and the sensual warmth of Patchouli.     
A surprisingly fresh, pure and smooth composition. Accented by evanescent Musk, the fragrance lets the soft, sweet scent of Flax Blossom and Calisson escape for a fresh, comfortable skin scent sensation.
The spicy-woody composition blends the sharp, playful touch of Black Pepper with the sensuality of Incense on an intoxicating base of Sandalwood and powerful Cedar Wood.
A unique composition which sets off under the spicy breeze of Geranium and Cardamom before unfurling the sumptuous notes of Iris Palida, enhanced by the elegance of Cedar Wood. 
Oriental Lounge plays on contrasts, creating a perplexing balance between the fresh softness of Caloupilé leaf, the intoxicating caress of Satinwood and the burning depth of Amber.
The spicy and invigorating freshness of Cardamom and Grapefruit. 
The beauty of Haitian and Bourbon Vetiver: fresh, piquant, woody and smoky. 
The fascinating originality of a Sea Salt accord: solar and mesmerising.
A daring fragrance, uniquely interpreted by the wearer.
A constellation of scents where sparkling notes of Star Anise and Mandarin illuminate the luscious notes of Egyptian Jasmine absolute on 
a soft and warm bed of Golden Amber.

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