Collection Excessive

A spiritual journey to the heart of the Far East.
Oud Shamash sets off on the spicy accord of Pink Pepper, Saffron and Cinnamon before exploring the deepest and most mysterious resinous facet of Absolute of Oud.  
A luminous alchemy intensified by the sensual warmth of Amber notes and Patchouli.
Second chapter of the Collection Excessive, Oud For Love is a tribute to love. Sensual and bewitching, Oud For Love transcends the desire to sublimate the pleasure.
Woody (Vetiver), leathery, musky and mellow (Sandalwood, White Wood), it explores the most animal and smooth facet of the Oud.

Aurore Nomade, or the heavenly travel

We are on an heavenly island in the middle of the Ocean. It’s seven AM and the first light of dawn illuminates this celestial landscape.
The sand is already warm, the nature offers us its delicious and complex scents while the sun continues its inexorable rise in a clear blue sky.
This is where Aurore Nomade takes you at a glance, a deep, solar and floral fragrance.

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour
Olfactory Family:
Oriental - Woody

Discover a vegetal Leather accord at the heart and the base of the sillage. Bertrand Duchaufour creates the fragrance like a sculptor and brings out green notes with the freshness of Basil and Tangerine right behind a vibrant and sparkling Champagne note and the spice of the Nutmeg, whereas Mahogany with soft aromatic Leather touch and Vanilla bring a sensual angle in the light of a extremely luxurious Musk.

A scent, a flower, a name, I miss Violet evokes a fragile and subtile delicacy of emotions of a secret love...

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